Thomas Worzyk

NKT HV Cables


Mr. Worzyk was born in Germany and received his M.Sc. from the Leibniz University in Hannover in 1983. After some years work with the development of circuit breakers at ASEA/ABB in Sweden he entered a position in the high-voltage cable factory of ABB in Karlskrona, Sweden, in 1992. He spent his time with research, product development and project management, with a focus on HVDC and submarine cables. Mr. Worzyk was responsible for design and testing of some remarkable submarine cable projects, e.g. the NorNed link and the NordBalt cable. In 2009, he authored a text book on submarine power cables which today can be found in many libraries.



FORUM 2 - Innovationen in der Kabeltechnologie - Supraleitung und HVDC

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Thomas Worzyk
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